Emirates B773 accident on 03 August 2016, Interim Statement

There were no aircraft systems or engine abnormalities up to the time of the Accident


Air Accident Investigation Sector
General Civil Aviation Authority
The United Arab Emirates
Accident – First Interim Statement –
AAIS Case No: AIFN/0008/2016
Runway Impact During Attempted Go-Around

Operator: Emirates
Make and Model: Boeing 777-31H
Nationality and Registration: The United Arab Emirates, A6-EMW
Place of Occurrence: Dubai International Airport
State of Occurrence: The United Arab Emirates
Date of Occurrence: 3 August 2016

Occurrence Brief  (See: Going around with no thrust. Emirates B773 accident at Dubai on August 3rd, 2016, interim report)
Occurrence Reference : AIFN/0008/2016
Occurrence Category : Accident
Name of the Operator : Emirates
Manufacturer : The Boeing Company
Aircraft Model : 777-31H
Engines : Two Rolls-Royce Trent 892
Nationality : The United Arab Emirates
Registration : A6-EMW
Manufacture Serial Number : 32700
Date of Manufacture : 27 March 2003
Flight Hours/Cycles : 58169/13620
Type of Flight : Scheduled Passenger
State of Occurrence : The United Arab Emirates
Place of Occurrence : Runway 12L, Dubai International Airport
Date and Time : 3 August 2016, 0837 UTC
Total Crewmembers : 18 (two flight and 16 cabin)
Total Passengers : 282
Injuries to Passengers and Crew : 30, four serious, 26 minor (The number of injured has been updated since the Preliminary Report was published)
Other Injuries : One firefighter (fatal)
Nature of Damage : The Aircraft was destroyed

Investigation Objective
This Investigation is performed pursuant to the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Federal
Act No. 20 of 1991, promulgating the Civil Aviation Law, Chapter VII ̶ Aircraft Accidents,
Article 48. It is in compliance with Part VI, Chapter 3 of Part VI, Chapter 3, of the Civil Aviation Regulations (CARs) of the United Arab Emirates, and in conformity with Annex 13 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation.
The sole objective of this Investigation is to prevent aircraft accidents and incidents.
It is not the purpose of this activity to apportion blame or liability.
This first anniversary Interim Statement gives a brief of the Investigation progress
and should be read in conjunction with the Preliminary Report number AIFN/0008/2016 that was published on 5 September 2016.

This Interim Statement is released in accordance Standard 6.6 of ICAO Annex 13
and paragraph 7.4 of UAE CAR Part VI, Chapter 3.
Later Interim Statements/Reports, or the Final Report, may contain altered
information in case of new evidence becoming available during the ongoing investigation.

Investigation Process
The occurrence was classified as an Accident and the Air Accident Investigation
Sector (AAIS) of the United Arab Emirates assigned an Accident Investigation File Number AIFN/0008/2016 for the case.
The AAIS formed the Investigation team led by the investigator-in-charge (IIC) and
members from the AAIS for the relevant investigation aspects. The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) of the United States, being the State of the Manufacture and Design, and the Air Accidents Investigation Branch (AAIB) of the United Kingdom, being the State of Manufacture of the engines, were notified of the Accident and both States assigned Accredited Representatives assisted by Advisers from Boeing and Rolls-Royce. In addition, the Operator assigned an Adviser to the IIC. The AAIS is leading the Investigation and will issue a Final Report.
This Interim Statement is publicly available at:

Interim Statement
This first anniversary Interim statement gives a brief account of the progress of the
Investigation into the subject Accident. The statement is released in accordance Standard 6.6 of ICAO Annex 13 and paragraph 7.4 of UAE CAR Part VI, Chapter 3.
The Accident occurred on 3 August 2016 and involved an Emirates Boeing 777-300
Aircraft, registration A6-EMW, operating a scheduled passenger flight EK521, that had
departed Trivandrum International Airport (VOTV), India, at 0506 UTC for Dubai International Airport (OMDB), the United Arab Emirates. At approximately 0837:38 UTC, the Aircraft impacted the runway during an attempted go-around at Dubai International Airport.
The Aircraft sustained substantial structural damage as a result of the impact and its
movement along the runway and was eventually destroyed by fire. Twenty-one passengers, one flight crewmember, and four cabin crewmembers sustained minor injuries. Four cabin crewmembers sustained serious injuries. Approximately nine minutes after the Aircraft came to rest, a firefighter was fatally injured as a result of the explosion of the center wing fuel tank.
Regarding the operation of the flight the Investigation is working to determine and
analyze the human performance factors that influenced flight crew actions during the landing and attempted go-around.
In addition, the Investigation has reviewed and has identified safety enhancements
related to the validity of weather information that was passed to the flight crew, and
communication between air traffic control and the flight crew.
A detailed examination was performed of the Aircraft evacuation systems, including
the operation of emergency escape slides in a non-normal aircraft resting position, and the effects of wind on the escape slides.
A large number of aircraft systems were tested with the assistance of the manufacturers and analysis of the data downloaded indicates that there were no Aircraft systems or engine abnormalities up to the time of the Accident.

The UAE GCAA Air Accident Investigation Sector continues to collaborate with the
State authorities and other organizations involved in areas of interest including flight
operations, human performance, training standards, procedures, aircraft systems, passenger evacuation and airport emergency response.

This Interim Statement is issued by:
The Air Accident Investigation Sector
General Civil Aviation Authority
The United Arab Emirates
P.O. BOX 6558, Abu Dhabi.
Email: ACCID@gcaa.gov.ae


1. United Arab Emirates, General Civil Aviation Authority, Air Accident Investigation Sector. Accident – First Interim Statement -AAIS Case No: AIFN/0008/2016


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